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June 01, 2021

Hi I’m Tyler! I was always a creative kid, but was very successful in academics. I always got practical advice to get into a technical STEM field for financial success. I followed the plan and worked hard in school. I studied math and mechanical engineering at Spelman and Georgia Tech, which granted me the opportunity to work for a legacy airline. In the eyes of many, I made it. I wasn’t feeling fulfilled and decided to chase after my purpose. I used my corporate job to support my artistic passion. Day in and day out, I worked my 9-5 and painted from 5-9. I sacrificed sleep to make room for my dreams to materialize. This time spent on my passion was well worth it. My art went viral on social media multiple times and I’ve created art for celebrities includingChance the Rapper, Saweetie and Common. My work has also been auctioned off in the Wearable Art Gala hosted by Mrs. Tina Knowles. I had these amazing art opportunities but still felt frustrated when I had to go back to my job the next day. I really felt like I was living a double life. Sticking to this routine left my life at a standstill and it was humbling. This required me to keep pushing and walk by faith not by sight. 

Unexpectedly for us all, the pandemic hit and we shifted to a virtual world. In the midst of being more separated than ever, the support for black businesses increased which helped to give my art more support and exposure than ever before. I led with my heart and the blessings followed. My corporate job offered separation packages and this is when I knew it was my time for a leap of faith! As soon as I told my managers I was leaving, my painting ‘Harmony’ went viral on a global scale. This resulted in my following tripling from about 33K to nearly 100K followers in a month. I took this opportunity to strengthen my business and create a better customer experience. There have been some amazing opportunities since I decided to be a full-time artist. A major highlight was when Taraji P Henson purchased my art and shared it publicly. Her support significantly increased the demand for my art. 

This has been a true journey that has taught me so much about myself. I have grown into a fearless yet vulnerable creative business owner. Now I am working on growing and maintaining my brand, while staying true to my purpose. My goal is to find healthy ways to scale my business. I want more of my supporters to own my work. I have seen so much success since chasing my dreams, I want to encourage you to be a dreamer too. 

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